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How does it work ?

A fast fund transfer for your export operations

Repatriation is a smooth and rapid payment instrument that allows your foreign customer to instruct their bank to pay you via a wire transfer. With this solution and our network of foreign correspondents, you receive your payment quickly and under the best conditions in any quoted currency.
You can hold up to 70% of your revenues in a foreign currency or a convertible Dirhams account.

Its Advantages:

  • Swift and secure repatriation through the Swift system.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
Cih Bank

A solution to secure the payment of your exports according to your instructions and at a lower cost

The Export Documentary Collection is a secure payment method that allows you to authorize your bank to transmit shipping documents to your client's bank and collect payment as per your instructions.

To learn more about the solutions dedicated to businesses implemented by CIH Bank to support their international trade, contact your Customer Advisor.

Its Advantages:

  • Securing the payment of your exports.
  • Simplifying formalities and reducing costs.
Cih Bank

A solution to pay for and guarantee your export operations

The Export Letter of Credit ensures payment for your exports upon presentation of documents complying with the Letter of Credit terms.
In the case of a Confirmed Letter of Credit, you benefit from the Bank's expertise in document verification, ensuring payment within five business days following the presentation of compliant documents.

To learn more about CIH Bank's business credit offerings to facilitate your international operations, contact your Customer Advisor.

Its Advantages:

  • Coverage against the risk of non-payment.
  • Irrevocable confirmation of your order.
Cih Bank

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