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A solution that optimizes the treasury management of your subsidiaries

Are you a group or holding company looking to centralize the bank accounts of your subsidiaries to optimize your treasury management?
This centralization allows you to transfer available funds to accounts with negative balances or a single account.

The bank reports all intra-group cash movements and interest generated by the group's accounts and its subsidiaries, according to the clauses of the pre-defined banking contract.
Two types of Cash Pooling are offered:

Notional Cash Pooling (without fund transfer):

  • This method merges the accounts of each subsidiary without any upward transfer.
  • It preserves the autonomy of each entity within the group.

Physical Cash Pooling (with fund transfer):

This type of Cash Pooling allows you to centralize the group's treasury on a single account. The group can then view the treasury situations of each subsidiary.

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