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How does it work ?

A solution to optimize your check deposits

The online check deposit allows you to remotely deposit checks without visiting the branch. This is done by scanning the checks to be deposited and transmitting them to the bank for processing through the CIH ONLINE CORPORATE platform.

Scanners are placed within your company, according to your preferences.

Its Advantages:

  • Time savings and minimization of operational risks by limiting the circulation of physical values.
  • Real-time collection of inter CIH Bank values, with the option to choose immediate credit values.
  • Online tracking of check deposits on the CIH ONLINE CORPORATE platform.
  • 50% reduction compared to the current pricing.
Cih Bank

A solution to optimize and secure cash handling and transportation to and from the bank

Cash transport is a fully secure and locked service that allows you to have liquidity or transport it to the bank, according to the frequency of your choice or on demand, with significant limits.
The transported funds can be national or international banknotes or national coins.
The cash transport service offers two options:
Planned requests with the client at well-defined frequencies.
Express requests in urgent contexts or on a one-time basis.

Its Advantages:

  • Securing cash transport from the risks of theft or diversion.
  • Reducing charges related to transporting your funds to or from the branch.
Cih Bank

An innovative solution to optimize your treasury management and further secure your cash movements

The Smart Safe instantly receives and records cash deposits. Connected to an ADSL or 4G network, it allows you to credit the customer's bank account on the same day and monitor the evolution of your cash flow in real time.
The solution also allows you to manage the point(s) of sale and view all operations (deposits, safe openings by the courier, etc.) carried out from the safe through a secure extranet providing consolidated information on the client's entire network.

Its Advantages:

  • Real-time monitoring of your cash flow evolution.
  • Minimization of cash deposits at the bank.
  • Elimination of contradictory cash registers.
  • Fraud prevention: immediate management of counterfeit bills.
  • Optimization of collection charges.
  • Secure cash revenues with the provider's unique access to the bag containing the funds.
Cih Bank

A simple solution for efficient and fast collection of your recurring debts

With CIH BANK's automatic debit, you can collect your payments directly to your account. CIH BANK provides secure channels to issue your direct debit files and receive your debit notifications.

Its Advantages:

  • Flexible direct debit parameters.
  • Optimization of the collection rate by providing your creditors with a fast and efficient way to settle their bills or installments.
  • Automatic representation of your unpaid direct debits.
Cih Bank

An automated deposit solution in the branch

The recycling automatic safe is a solution connected to a cash management software that allows you to better secure and optimize your cash processing.
This solution offers you optimal customer service with faster and more profitable transactions.

Its Advantages:

  • Reducing cash processing costs.
  • Time savings.
  • Secure cash processing.
Cih Bank

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