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A complementary offer to the stock market

Equity Mutual Funds primarily invest in shares of listed companies or their equivalents.

List of Funds

  • Faisal Investment Fund FCP
  • "Action" FCP
  • Atlas Optimization FCP
  • CIH Action
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Build an evolving savings plan

Bond Mutual Funds are mainly composed of medium and long-term debt securities. They cannot contain more than 10% in equities or equivalents.

List of Funds

  • FCP Morocco Receivables
  • FCP Morocco Institutions
  • FCP Morocco Liquidity
  • FCP Es-Saada Bonds
  • FCP Tawfir Es-Saada
  • Atlas Bond Bank
  • Atlas Perennity
  • CIH Monetary Plus
  • CIH Bonds
  • Morocco Bonds Fact Sheet
Cih Bank

Place your short or medium-term liquidity in a secure manner

Diversified Mutual Funds consist of equities (or equivalents) and debt securities without belonging to any other category.

List of Funds

  • CIH Savings
  • CIH Heritage
  • Morocco Growth Mutual Fund
  • Atlas Growth
Cih Bank

Benefit from the expertise of top-performing managers by diversifying your investment

Money Market Mutual Funds primarily invest in money market instruments. They do not contain any equities or equivalents.

List of Funds

  • Atlas Monebank
  • Atlas Treasury
  • CIH Monetary
  • CIH Treasury
Cih Bank

An investment tool with a perspective of profitability comparable to the market

A solidarity fund with proceeds generated, whether from management fees, exit fees, or donations, being donated to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

List of Funds

  • FCP MS IN Solidarity
Cih Bank

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