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How does it work ?


CIH BANK's Factoring allows you to receive immediate financing for your commercial receivables and complete management of your company's accounts receivable.

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Cih Bank

How Does It Work ?

  • To conduct a commercial transaction with your client, you must assign your receivables to CIH BANK, which advances the amount of the invoices within the agreed limit.
  • CIH BANK then takes care of managing and collecting these receivables from your clients.
  • Your debtor client pays the invoice directly to CIH BANK upon its due date.

Optimize your accounts receivable management with CIH BANK's Factoring service

Cih Bank

Its Advantages

  • Outsourcing the management of accounts receivable and collection to your bank, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Access to cash reserves even during slow periods, enabling you to pursue investment projects.
  • Offering your customers advantageous payment terms.

For more information about Factoring service or credit offers dedicated to companies, contact your CIH Bank Client Advisor.

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