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How does it work ?


CIH MOBILE CORPO is a direct online bank that allows you to consult real-time accounting information for your company accounts and perform certain banking transactions.

Cih Bank
Cih Bank

Its Advantages:

  • Modern design and advanced features for customizing the client space: activation/deactivation of services, menu selection, etc.
  • Shortcuts are offered to the client for easy access to frequently used transactions.

Your banking services accessible with a single click

Cih Bank

Integrated Services:

With CIH Mobile Entreprises, access your accounts and manage all your banking operations remotely:

  • Check the latest real-time transactions
  • Make transfers
  • Recharge your cards
  • Check your unpaid checks and promissory notes
  • Request a checkbook
  • Get your bank account details (RIB)
  • Sign your multi-signature operations
  • Pay your bills
  • Track your international transfers

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