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Commodity Hedging

The "Financing of risk hedging operations on raw materials" credit line is an innovative product that allows your company to implement risk hedging solutions on commodities by freely accessing global commodity exchanges through an electronic brokerage platform.

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Cih Bank

Its Advantages:

The credit line 'Financing of risk management operations on commodities' enables importers and exporters to:

  • Payment of cash flows related to hedging operations against the risk of fluctuations in commodity prices.
  • Cash relief for the client while providing a guarantee for the execution of orders with international exchanges up to the granted credit line.

A solution tailored to your financing needs.

Cih Bank


  • Have a dedicated foreign currency account solely for hedging operations on commodities.
  • Hold a financial instrument account: client-international clearing broker.
  • Have a "Financing of risk hedging operations on raw materials" credit line.
  • Comply with current exchange regulations.
  • Sign the framework agreement.

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